Lands Edition II Artwork Sleeves 100ct

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    High quality, full color printed sleeves with exclusive "Lands Edition II" designs for all standard sized gaming cards, like Magic: The Gathering™, Pokémon™ and others. 100 sleeves per pack.


    Width 66mm
    Height 91mm

    Artists Maryam Naderi (Forest, Mountain, Island) – Avid Saeed (Swamp, Plain)
    Digital rendering shown, Product images serve as examples for the texture and/or look of the respective product, deviations from those images are not a deficiency. Actual products are partly handcrafted and individual products may differ slightly in shape and color from one and other. Depicted accessories, such as cards, dice or figures, are not included.


    Mountain - $11.99
    Plains - $11.99
    Swamp - $11.99
    Island - $11.99
    Forest - $11.99

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