Puerto Rico Deluxe

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    A new, deluxe edition of the classic game, Puerto Rico, is now available for the first time! A fresh new look for this top-selling title! 

    Deluxe contents: 
    base game 
    new buildings expansion 
    nobles expansion 
    new cover and art 
    dual-sided buildings with alternate artwork 

    Game contents: 
    5 players boards 
    1 game board 
    8 role placards 
    1 governor placard 
    49 buildings 
    58 island tiles 
    1 colony ship 
    5 cargo ships 
    1 trading house 
    50 goods 
    100 colonists 
    50 vp chips 
    54 doubloons 
    1 rulebook 

    - $54.95

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